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Hejira (1976)

Joni Mitchell
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Folk jazz

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Hejira is a 1976 folk/rock/jazz album by Canadian singer-songwriter Joni Mitchell. The album title is a transliteration of the Arabic word hijra, which means "journey", referring specifically to the migration of the prophet Muhammad (and his companions) from Mecca to Medina in 622. The songs on the album were largely written by Mitchell on a trip by car from Maine back to Los Angeles, California, with prominent imagery including highways, small towns and snow. The photographs on the front and back cover were taken of Mitchell by Norman Seeff and appear against a backdrop of Lake Mendota, in Madison, Wisconsin, after an ice storm.
Mitchell said of the album: "the whole 'Hejira' album was really inspired... I wrote the album while traveling cross-country by myself and there is this restless feeling throughout it... The sweet loneliness of solitary travel."
Dominated by Mitchell's guitar and Jaco Pastorius's distinctive fretless bass, it drew on a range of influences but was more cohesive and accessible than some of her later more jazz-oriented work. "Coyote", "Amelia" and "Hejira" all became concert staples shortly after Hejira's release, especially after being featured on the live

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5:01 Coyote
6:01 Amelia
4:19 A Strange Boy
6:42 Hejira
8:40 Song for Sharon
4:22 Black Crow
5:04 Blue Motel Room
6:42 Refuge of the Roads
5:06 Furry Sings the Blues
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