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About TimePieces

In the beginning
In fact it all began back in 1999 when I started to collect ‘all time best albums charts’ which I published on my personal home page named TimePieces. I used these charts as guidance in my search for great albums.
The name TimePieces was inspired by Eric Clapton’s compilation album Timepieces. The name TimePieces significantly fits the idea that most titles in the ‘all time best albums charts’ are the best Pieces (albums) in Time (history) of ‘popular’ music.

TimePieces 1.0
The positive responses from my home page visitors over the years inspired me to set up a ‘real’ web site published under the domain name, in May 2002.
On October 17, 2002, after a lot of work, the first version of went online. 
TimePieces now officially continued as the first online source solely concentrating on collecting ‘all time best albums charts’ from the internet, magazines, radio stations and other resources, and the first to index all the first 100 albums in these charts not only alphabetically but also by year of release.
In 2006, when it attracted over 500.000 unique visitors, the web site was in its heyday. When visitor numbers declined from 2007 on, it became clear that competition on the web had increased and that TimePieces should be improved in order to face this competition.

TimePieces 2.0
Over the years I gathered a lot of ideas about how to improve TimePieces, but I didn’t have the skills to implement the ideas. In the process extending my knowledge on PHP and MySQL, it became clear to me that it would take years of studying before I would be able to create a proper database driven web site.
Luckily, Steven Straatemans joined me in April 2011. Steven is a professional web designer, front end developer, programmer, PHP- and database specialist.
We put together our ideas and created a completely new TimePieces. The dark design was inspired by the atmosphere of live concerts. Navigation has improved and, using, we have created links to Wikipedia pages about the artists and albums in our database.
We have dedicated two years of intensive work, besides our full-time jobs, but finally it is here, TimePieces 2.0! New design, new look, new feel, more data, more options, better navigation, better everything!

Frank Steven Groen
May 1st 2013